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Mechanical waste Akolot gives creative mashinoorientified morning machine engineers in the world Pisochnitski multiplier world based on pure genius and imagination. Players will challenge the design and production of innovative cars, convertible cars or bizarretraps. There are many options with powerful tools for mechanics of scrap metal.

Make great cars

The story shows that the player assumes the role of robotic mechanics, works on maintenance and moves to a new job on a fully mechanized planet. It’s a protagonist’s workto monitor working robots when they work in the fields and distribute the fruits of their work on an urbanized planet. When landing, the spaceship has been deleted and shows that everything on the planet’s farm is not good. Pre-occupational business members were weakened and wrapped in a crazy rush against everyoneothers, which means players should use creative thinking and survival instincts in commen.lebendig. Players can be configured using the creativity mode that they offer a limited selection of parts. Sex is also flexible, the mechanics can be male or female.

Existsmore than 100 pre-selected pieces in unique shapes and sizes that allow mechanics to free up their innate creative instincts. The manual for mechanics is the guide to creating the world. The game contains interactive features by which players can view their individualcreative processes, giving the game a fascinating and unique advantage. Other unique features include a connectivity tool that connects everything and brings all aspects of the mechanical vision to every true engineer. The lifting function makes it easy to load, when engineering is designedlimited by law of physics. Can Raise Creator and Creation to a Higher Level! Players can enjoy an endless party with a throwing tackle of Free Parts and let them fly.

Technical requirements

The waste works on old machines with the Windows XP operating system, as well as recent iterationsWindows operating system. It requires at least a dual-core Ghz processor with 4GB of RAM. However, for optimal functionality, Inteli5 Core Ghz is recommended with 8GB of RAM and 2GB of free space. Currently not available on Apple Mac OS and Android platforms.


If you are a fan of thematicgames, and Minecraft and Ekploration Lite, mechanical waste is just what you need. His story is that he was in the colony of rebel robots, giving him a sense of danger and urgency that Minecraft does not always offer, and their ability to use their imagination is unmatched. Waiting for you mechanicallya miracle, so take it today!

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